Cash On Delivery Verification
Cash On Delivery Verification
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For India | Cut operational losses using COD verification
Cash on Delivery Verification app will assist you in​ the reduction of bogus orders. Automated call on placing a COD order - An automated call is triggered when a COD order is placed to verify the order and number. Smart Features, Simple to use: 1. Enable COD IVR Feature: One-click enable & disable the option to automate the IVR call verification. 2. Manage your IVR call-template: Set your welcome note, order confirmation and cancellation message for call. 3. Enable Follow-up calling option: Trigger follow-up calls if your customer doesn't answer the first call. 4. Do Not Disturb feature: Set the preferred time when no IVR call will be placed. 5. Tag for COD Verified Orders: Create various tags like Order confirmed, Order canceled, which will be added to the orders on Shopify after the IVR Call confirmation.
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