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An application that automatically sends out sample
NGC Sweepstakes / Free Sample Delivery is
 an app that automates the delivery of sweepstakes/sample products.

Merchant can share the link issued in the app with influencers and ask them to put in their shipping information to incorporate the sample products into the existing shipping flow without the traditional process of manual shipping from the office. There is no need to ask customers to enter their credit card information.

What you can do with this app

* Issue entry forms for sweepstakes/samples

* Register the entered data to draft orders

* Search for Twitter accounts and send DMs

* Set the validity period of links

* Link delivery of sample products

■Setup is simple.

All you need to do is register a sample product and issue a link.

■The information of registered influencers is managed by Shopify.

The information of the user who registered the shipping address from the issued link will be registered in Shopify's customer management screen, and the request to send samples will be registered in the draft order.

■Merchant  approves the sample product and puts it on the normal shipping flow.

By completing the draft order, the order information will be linked to the order management screen. For businesses that are linked to shipping, sample products will be sent to the existing shipping flow, eliminating the need to ship sample products separately.
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