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Create attention-grabbing moving text areas and topbars!
Establish trust, make a professional impression of a modern store, run Sale Campaigns, and differentiate yourself by displaying areas in motion throughout your store. Boost your conversion rate. In eCommerce, it is all about trust. By using Vivify Motion you will be able to create moving text and image blocks to make a professional impression. Big players in the Direct to Consumer business are adding moving blocks to their website to make it come to life. Users on your site will have the immediate feeling of a busy shop which creates a sense of trust and urgency. This way they will be more likely to place an order. Fully customizable Create top bars, bottom bars, image slides, and more. Edit backgrounds, fonts, and moving speed. Vivify Motion will perfectly fit your storefront. Make your website come to life! Make the impression of a busy & professional shop by displaying moving blocks on your storefront. Grab the attention of the user and display important information in a beautiful way.
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