VYOO: Video Reviews By Clients
VYOO: Video Reviews By Clients

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Get Video Reviews & Ratings - CONVERT MORE vs. Text or Photos
About VYOO: Video Reviews By Clients What Is VYOO? VYOO is a fully automated review app on Shopify which makes it possible to ask, collect, and showcase “video” reviews on your Shopify store. Text reviews are great but lack the capacity to capture emotions and engage the consumer on a deeper level. Having a “Video Review” from another customer serves as the kind of validation, that text or photos simply can not provide. Key features (1) Single-Click install VYOO will seamlessly mesh with your store in under 15 seconds! (2) AUTOMATIC VERIFICATION METHOD Unlike most of the review platforms, we don't stop with verifying an email address and calling it a “verified review”. The person who is submitting their review must have bought the product or service, and only then will be able to provide a review for it. We’ll never ask a random person who is visiting your site to post a review, which might potentially damage your reputation, or defame your product or service. Only truly qualified and verified clients will get to share their experience. (3) App Free Video Recording & Submission. Your clients will never need to download any external apps to record & submit their reviews. Our mobile-friendly in-browser recording makes obtaining video reviews a hassle-free process. (4) THE VYOO BAR The VYOO BAR is an integral part of our platform. It is where all the video reviews are showcased. The VYOO bar will propagate seamlessly on your store, and without interfering with your current functions, or any other text reviews. Also, it will automatically adapt to any (modern) size Mobile and or desktop browsing experience both on iOS and Android. (5) UNLIMITED VIDEO REQUESTS We will NEVER put a cap or charge extra if your video request volume increases. This means as your transaction volume increases we will send out video requests accordingly, and without any upcharge. (6) STAR RATING SYSTEM In conjunction with video reviews, your customers will be able to “start-rate” their experience. This, in turn, will allow the business operator (you) to spot potential issues, and get in front of the issue in real-time. (7) VIDEO DELETE FUNCTION You are not powerless with regard to negative or derogatory reviews. We’ve built functionality in our “dashboard” which allows the site admin to delete any content that is not in line with your company values. (8) MULTIPLE REQUEST ATTEMPTS VYOO will make three attempts to collect a video review from your clients after an order has been fulfilled. You (the admin) are able to set the number of days to wait after “order fulfillment” before initiating the first of three request attempt.
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